Accidental Hiatus/Life Update

Wow! The last month has been absolutely crazy!

Some good stuff happened, some not so good stuff happened and it resulted in me abandoning the blog and WordPress in general for about a month. Oops! I’m working on some more comprehensive content but in the meantime, here’s what’s been going on to account for my absence:

1. My husband got an awesome new job! ๐Ÿ˜ The interview process was long and stressful, but it’s a great position and he’s so happy there. The last two weeks at his previous job (call center) were grueling, but I helped him through it and now he goes off cheerfully in the morning and comes home feeling he’s put in a good day of work. It makes me so happy to see him satisfied with his work life for the first time in a long time. It’s also taken a lot of financial pressure off of us. We’re not rich by any means, but we know we can pay all our bills each month, which is obviously an enormous relief after struggling for the last few years.

Is this relaxation I feel? What even is that?

2. WE GOT A KITTY! ๐Ÿ˜ป We adopted Sassy from the Humane Society a little over two weeks ago and I’ve already gone full Cat-Mom. Chris and I both grew up with animals and not having one the last 6+ years has been hard, so when we finally went to the shelter we were totally stoked. To get an idea of what kind of cat owners we are, Chris calls her our “Cat Baby” (yes, we’re those people).

We believe Sassy is some sort of Himalayan-Snowshoe mix. She’s a gorgeous, petite 7.5 pound lady with a HUGE personality! She’s only 2 years old so she has a ton of energy and quite a few kitten tendencies still. I play with her off and on throughout the mornings until she inevitably exhausts herself and collapses in a heap for a 5 hour nap in the afternoon. She’s very loving and isn’t afraid to ask for attention when she wants it. Put simply: she’s a fuzzy little diva who’s already brought so much joy into our home.

3. Lastly, the not so good stuff. I got a nasty head cold three weeks ago, that turned into a chest cold two weeks ago, that turned into a full on asthma flare last week (the first in more than 5 years). I’ve struggled with asthma off and on since I was a little kid. I haven’t written about it on here since I had it under control for so long, but technically speaking it’s the first chronic condition I was ever diagnosed with. At some point, I think I’ll do a separate, more in depth blog post about my experience with asthma. For now, the short of what happened last week is that I went in to the doctor, got a chest X-ray and came home with an inhaler and a 6 day course of corticosteroids. I’m starting to feel better now, but I’ll be on albuterol several times a day for the foreseeable future. Because, you know, breathing is good.

I’ll be working to generate more content soon. In the meantime, Sassy is knocking everything off the bathroom counter which means it’s playtime. Duty calls.